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Aligning Our Website With Our Principles

Posted by Brian Glick on Jan 2, 2019 8:06:00 AM
Brian Glick

Accessibility is one of our core principles at

We define accessibility as...

We aim to make our products accessible to our clients with a minimum level of effort. Where we have a choice between a big word and a small one, we use the small one. If we can spend extra time reducing a process from two steps to one, we will. If a one-page contract will suffice, we will deliver it. Our products and services solve real problems for our clients, and they shine on their own. We do not need to use jargon and complexity to make them seem more impressive. 

One of the areas where we've identified an opportunity to be more accessible is with our web site. We're excited to start off 2019 with a fresh and more accessible site for our prospective clients and partners.

As we collected feedback on our existing web presence, there were two comments that consistently came up during our conversations.

What the #$%&! do you do?

The first was "I went to your website and I still don't know what you do." Every time I heard this one it stung. If there's one thing a website should do it's explain what the company does.

When we reviewed our old site, we realized that we were being way too clever. We had clever "business value" buttons and fancy statements about how things worked, but we didn't just come out and say it.


our old site

 our old site

Our new site cuts out the crap and just says what we do.

If you’re a logistics service provider, retailer, manufacturer or software company,’s team of supply chain experts will help you reduce cost while improving speed and accuracy in your supply chain integrations. We do this by building flexible connections between your systems, our cloud, and your trading partners.


our new site
our new site

Getting to this was harder than it seems, and the underlying lesson is that it's often difficult to distill what you're doing down to a simple message. When you're inside the business, you see all of the cogs and all of the exciting features. It's hard to step back and boil it all down to a few sentences.

How much does it cost?

Pricing is a tricky thing in B2B. Some companies publish their price for the world to see and some companies guard their pricing closely. For the past few years, we've fallen somewhere in the middle. We've shared our pricing, but you had to ask for it.

We had a few reasons for this. The first was that we weren't great at telling our pricing story. The pricing structure in our business plan was hard to understand and even harder to budget for. It involved micro-transactions and per line fees and all sorts of math. It was really cool on paper, but definitely didn't survive first contact with the real world.

Over time, it evolved, and our ability to talk about it evolved too. We've finally hit the point where we know exactly how it works and what the common questions are, which we've captured in an FAQ.

The second reason for holding pricing back was that there is some conventional "wisdom" that you shouldn't have pricing on your site when selling to businesses. We're not a conventional company, and there's no evidence that the "wisdom" is that wise. When we compared this logic to our core principles, we realized that it didn't stand up under scrutiny.

With that said, we went ahead with the page that you can find at


pricing page

This captures the pricing we've been using for some time and that our customers have been very happy with. There are a few minor tweaks, but our existing customers won't see any change in their monthly bills.

We hope you like our new site. If you have any feedback, drop us a note at

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