Is It Worth It?

By Brian Glick on March, 27 2020
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Brian Glick


One of our customers recently asked (with slight edits)...

How have other companies evaluated different projects in terms of sending project to internal teams vs. Chain? [Our] metric for internal project is to estimate this is going to be x hours and we have x labor cost + x application costs.


I thought our response was worth sharing...

Cost is usually not the deciding factor here.  The individual costs of any particular implementation are nothing compared to the two real factors that your team should be considering. 

(1) What is the value on a new customer having a great on-boarding experience and being able to quickly move their freight to your service while having the confidence to keep expanding their relationship with you?  The lifetime value of one customer who stays and grows pays for years of our service. 

(2) What is the opportunity cost of your internal team working on projects that are one-off client implementations instead of improving your digital experience for all of your customers, increasing the value of your service offering and improving your company as a whole?


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