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Kids Can Teach Us About Logistics IT

By Brian Glick on November, 3 2018
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Brian Glick


Originally published March 8, 2018



“If you don’t get a new ERP, you’re going to be left in the dust.”

“If you don’t have AI, you’ll be blind and alone in the wood

s while everyone else scores record profits.”

“All of your competitors are perfectly executing machines that will leverage the next best thing flawlessly and completely destroy your business.”

“So write us a check and we’ll make it all better.”


“I have to have the new iPhone, Mom, everyone has one.”

“Sarah’s family eats perfectly plated meals every night. How come we have to get our food from the counter? See, look at her Instagram feed.”

“I can’t go to hockey tryouts with last year’s skates. Everyone will be faster than me.”

“Just let me have the credit card, and everything will be better.”


Fear of missing out (FOMO) is a real thing.

So is the fact that we see our own warts and our competitors’ well crafted public personas.

Read this article on Social Media and Self Doubt, and then think about your IT priorities. Are you focusing on developing a strong company that delivers business value, or are you keeping up with Instagram.

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