Make Data a Growth Strategy

By on July, 6 2021
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The corporate account.

Analyzing complex data, managing service providers, and meeting customer demands is the reality of a freight forwarder. These problems can get overwhelming and become unnecessarily time-consuming, especially when revenue-generating tasks like booking and load management force them to the back-burner. Consolidate your supply chain data and leverage an integrations partner like that helps you:

Grow faster 

Rapid customer integrations enable you to onboard customers faster and quickly integrate into their systems. This stage is the riskiest time in a client relationship, meaning your customer never gets happier and you’re on high-alert. Ease your customers’ nerves, build trust, and provide excellent customer experience by digitally transforming your supply chain with 

Provide new value to customers 

Providing new value to your costumes is always top of mind. Give your customers easy access to tools that help them (and you):

  • Quickly add new systems to environments without the heavy lift of a complex IT project. 
  • Put real-time data in customers' hands without needing to call or email.
  • Improve business processes like issuing purchase orders, sending shipment notifications, or receiving at a warehouse.

There’s an integration for any problem, no matter how complex. Continue to provide new value to your customers and elevate their experience by connecting to’s network.

Protect your data 

You and your customer’s data is constantly passing through endless servers and systems. Every integration within the network runs in its own isolated business process orchestration, meaning your data is never intermingled with data from other systems (even within your own partner ecosystem). This means you can be confident that your data remains under your control.

Whatever the need, through isolated business process orchestration, you can access your data, normalize it into core data concepts and feed it to downstream targets for operational execution, analytics, reporting, and machine learning.

Furthermore, never runs analytics on your data or uses it for other purposes other than facilitating your supply chain execution. You retain clear ownership of your data at all times. 

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