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Marketing Differentiation In A Saturated Space

By Brian Glick on November, 3 2018
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Brian Glick


Originally published June 29, 2018

This is a great marketing article on product messaging.

I think it misses one dynamic though. It misses the situation where everybody already has bought a solution. The market isn’t traditionally "hot" since it’s saturated and wins mean displacing an incumbent. You’re competing to bring a better solution. You’re back to the differentiation approach.

In's space, most of our clients already have some sort of integration solution in place. It might be an in house EDI department or the tools built into their other software. It's relatively rare for someone to come to us and say that they're completely starting from scratch.

Instead, we have to differentiate our offering compared to what we perceive as the common industry challenges. For us, that means focusing on our strengths...

  • Deep industry expertise
  • Strong project management and service delivery
  • Fast and scalable delivery model

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