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Profiles by Episode 1 - Scott Case

By on November, 9 2018
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The corporate account.

Presenting episode 1 of our new podcast, Profiles by  On each episode, we'll interview individuals from the partner ecosystem focusing on the human stories of our extended supply chain family.

For our inaugural guest, we have Scott Case, the founder and chief storyteller at Position Global. Scott has been in transportation his whole life, literally. His father worked for a major Japanese freight forwarder before Scott was born, and Scott grew up in customs brokerage and freight forwarding. After graduating from Northwestern University, Scott earned his customs broker's license and as handled air and ocean import and export for his entire life. He served on the NCBFA Board of Directors for Chicago and a number of their committees focusing on air freight, carrier relationships, and freight forwarding.

Since 2012 Scott has helmed Position Global. Scott's firm focuses on branding and marketing needs of companies in and around the logistics industry and does everything from website design to content creation. They do digital and print advertising and audio and video production. In addition to being available the support customers and partners, Position Global is also our marketing firm here at


Think about the things that we move. It could be antique vehicles, classic cars, giant projects, live event logistics. I mean there's things that we move that our customers may not see and we have a chance to…give people visual access into what I'm doing.

Hey if you're standing inside of an empty 747 loading classic cars, take a picture, take a video of that because not everybody can get onto a ramp to get into an empty freighter to watch their cargo get loaded.


Listen in as Brian and Scott discuss:

  • How Scott got into the supply chain business and what caused him to stay in the space
  • Things people should be looking at to understand how to talk about accelerating their marketing or how to bring this idea to a CEO or the owner of a small company to sell it internally that marketing is even a problem they should address

  • Marketing around your company’s differentiator, and why the marketing focus might need to be both outward to potential customers and inward to your own team
  • Inbound marketing vs brand marketing
  • The future of the supply chain industry and how its changing
  • Challenges and/or opportunities for people just getting into the supply chain business


While the opportunities for some of the more basic manual components of lumping boxes may be dwindling as as the optimization and some of the handling gets more sophisticated, people who have an awareness of how things connect either domestically or internationally are always going to be in demand.


Links and resources mentioned in the show:

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