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Profiles by Episode 14 - Accelerating Automation

By on September, 2 2021
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The corporate account.

Our guest this episode is JENNA BROWN, CEO & Co-founder of Shipamax. Shipamax is a full service solution that takes care of data entry automation, so you can focus on your core business.
Shipment volumes have exploded over the last decade - and it's set to continue, with the 2020 pandemic accelerating consumer trends and placing them on an irreversible path. However, the fundamental processes and documentation that sits behind the delivery of goods from A to B remains the same. These were never designed with today's scale of shipments in mind.

The Shipamax platform is purpose built to overcome the challenges logistics organizations face. Specialized data extraction, logistics-specific business rules, purpose built user interfaces and deep integrations enable you to accelerate automation delivery with a system that works from day one. 


  • How / Why Jenna decided start a tech company that would benefit the logistics space
  • Jenna’s career path and business have both undergone many evolutions and changes, so we discuss what Jenna wishes she had known before those evolutions began to unfold
  • What Jenna and Brian both think about working in the office vs. remotely
  • What the next set of challenges are that we as a group of technologists in Supply Chain need to work on together
  • Where Shipamax is headed


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