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Profiles by Episode 6 - Graham Parker of Kontainers

By on July, 3 2019
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kontainers podcast

Our guest this week is Graham Parker, Co-Founder and CEO at award winning platform Kontainers. 


Listen in as Brian and Graham discuss:


  • The differences between supply chain logistics systems in the US and the UK
  • How a lot of people who get into the supply chain industry begin with dreams of global trade and currencies and maybe they picture something from a movie, but when they actually start the first day and see the pile of paperwork some of them don’t make it to lunch time. So — what was it about the logistics industry that made Graham stay?
  • Who influenced Graham in his career
  • What inspired Graham to create something new in the world of supply chain logistics
  • Everything takes longer than you think (what Graham knows now that he wish he’d known when he started in supply chain logistics)
  • The importance of setting appropriate expectations up front
  • Whether venture capital investors are patient enough to support logistics projects that don’t yield return for several years
  • Learning moments and challenges over the last 5 years
    • Managing expectations allowed them to not grow too fast so that now they are in charge of the destiny of their business
    • It’s easy to over-raise capital too early
  • The importance of having senior management that understands the tech space as well as the freight space
  • Whether or not a few mega-companies could corner the market in the freight industry like Amazon has done, or if there is room for several companies in the space
  • The trajectory the freight and logistics industry should be taking in order to survive in the future

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