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Profiles by Episode 7 - John Adams - Regiscope

By on August, 5 2019
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The corporate account.


Our guest is John Adams of Regiscope.


“….Going from the analogue film business, to a much more modern digital process, was challenging from a business standpoint, not necessarily from a development standpoint — because we knew how to do that — but how to market it and sell it.”

With a background in business and computer programming, He has an MBA from Rutgers Business School and more than 30 years experience under his belt building Regiscope from the ground up. His current firm offers hardware and software solutions for real time transaction verification and documentation, primarily to the supply chain industry. Their recent clients have included giants such as Coca-Cola, Colgate, and Lufthansa Cargo. 


John strives with dedication to keep up-to-date, offering cutting edge services to protect supply chain companies from all types of security risks. He successfully navigated his company through the incoming digital tide with innovation and adaptability.

Listen in as Brian and John discuss:

  • What the transition from an analogue business model to a digital business model looked like. 
  • The early issues Regiscope faced and how they worked around them.
  • John offers insight into how they dealt with the supply chain during the transition by adapting to the new environment. 
  • Dealing with customer’s trust issues and expectations.
  • Keeping up with the changes in technology. Opening up the doors to progress and sustainability. 
  • Tips on using remote tools and how they offer real solutions within a new digital business model. 
  • Keeping up with government regulations whilst in the midst of change.
  • John explains how Regiscope set up and configured systems to enable both scaling up or scaling down to meet customer needs. 
  • The importance of adaptability within today’s rapidly changing tech-driven business arena, and how making good alliances with other companies will help grow success.



“…. You cannot do every part of the supply chain that’s required to be compliant with C-TPAT, or compliant with certified cargo screening facilities. But what you can do is partner with other  technology companies. And if each one of you brings a piece of the solution to the game, then you can jointly work together, jointly market, jointly sell your products. ”



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