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By on April, 13 2021
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The corporate account.

What’s the most important word in a sale?  “YES”.  Not just your customer saying, “Yes, I’ll buy,” but also you being able to confidently say, “Yes, we can” and “Yes, we’ve done that”.

When you’re sitting with a prospective customer (or an existing one), are you able to say yes?  Are you able to do it confidently and with conviction?  Are you able to do it when they ask for IT integrations and IT customization?

For many freight, logistics and supply chain providers the answer to customer’s IT needs is, “I need to check on that” or “I think so” or “I’m not sure”.  In many cases, the words coming out of your mouth are “yes”, but your inner monologue is “IT is going to kill me” and your body language always gives that away. empowers your sales team to say yes to prospects - here’s how:

Meet The Customer Where They Are

Normally, integration projects start out by having to align your systems with each individual customer.  They have a 30-year-old ERP, you have a brand new TMS.  They want to use the latest tech and you’re used to EDI.  These misalignments pile on months of delays and obstacles to closing the business. 

Instead, tell your customers, “We can meet your IT department on their playing field. Whatever format they have the data in and however they need it returned, we can help.”  With, you can have the confidence that you’re telling the truth!

Opens New Doors With Upsell Through Integration

Your prospect may be calling you to solve one problem, but others are bound to appear down the road. Being able to say, “we’ve got you covered, no matter what happens” is a huge position to fill, but very attainable when your software can speak to other leading tools. 

Ask questions like, “What has been on the ‘back burner’ with your existing provider?” or “What is your team wasting time on every day?” These are opportunities to use integration to express empathy for customers and embed yourself more deeply into their day-to-day business processes.

Connecting to a global network like shortens onboarding time, allows your tool to scale with your customers, and enables your customer’s to focus on growth and goals without worrying about their software. 

Nobody Loves One-Size-Fits-All (Except Operations)

One software solution will never be able to cover every unique business goal or problem. Express to your customer that you know they need a tailored approach that fits their business and that your product is only one piece of your customer’s software ecosystem. Do this with the confidence that you’ll be able to manage their special wrinkles and map them into your standard operational procedures without breaking your hard-won internal efficiency gains.  

Eliminate costly and time consuming customizations to your software by using’s standardized connectors and supply chain specific business processes to take your customers’ unique requirements and map them to your standard business processes.

For these reasons, integrations often block closing sales. Make implementation easy and confidently say yes to any request with We work with your internal teams to adapt existing APIs to your customer’s needs and create microservices that communicate in the language of your customer’s system. Get started today.

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